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Truck Garbage Container Recycle

Get rid of all your yard waste

Collection schedule

Yard waste is collected by Ontario Sanitary Service from March through November. See the schedule for this residential recycling service. Program restarts March 11, 2016.

Keep your container clean

Store your 90-gallon container and keep it clean during off-season collection periods. Call us or stop by for more information on this program.

Acceptable yard debris

We'll remove most of your yard debris. You can give us your grass clippings, leaves, garden waste, and plant and shrub trimmings.

Other collection services

Your residential and commercial garbage collector since 1976.

Contact us today to sign up for residential or commercial pickup.

Get 20, 30, and 40-yard containers for your projects.

Residential and commercial recycling picked up weekly.

Don't toss your grass clippings in the trash. We'll pick them up in a special yellow 90-gallon container from March through November. You can give us everything to pick up from branches and weeds to leaves and grass. Our motto is "If it grows, it goes." Collection is every other Friday. Ontario Sanitary Service started offering yard waste collection in 2010.

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